Saturday, 27 June 2015

“A great British Dive Centre in Coral Bay”

Debbi and Jonny continue to provide excellent simple SCUBA diving off the Coast around Coral Bay. They offer the full range of PADI training courses and offer both simple local dives as well as trips to dive the wreck of the Zenobia. The are incredibly nice people and bring with them their experience of many years working in the Cruise industry and have travelled extensively. The are very attentive to their customers and bend over backwards to deliver simple safe diving and will cancel diving if weather conditions are not suitable. As a PADI Staff Instructor I know what hard work it is delivering a consistently good diving experience for a large variety of divers of varying ability. Kevin has also joined the team and is helping to deliver training courses and guided dives, from British Instructors, living locally. I look forward to diving with them again.
Visited June 2015

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